Saturday, 27 May 2017

Pregnancy Update: 8+6 weeks

Writing this literally on the borderline of the 9 week mark but oh well, I'm getting a short update in for you.

I had my midwife booking appointment yesterday and that briefly made the pregnancy feel real. It was all just standard, questions, blood tests, medical history blah blah blah. I expressed my concerns about feeling like something was wrong with the baby and she just fobbed me off as expected saying it's completely normal to feel this way and told me that because the genetics are different this time (different father), that my body will react very differently from last time. I still feel baby isn't ok but with the NHS systems still down because of a cyber attack last week, I have to wait on snail mail to find out when I'm due for a scan.

The midwife also gave me a different due date. Instead of being due December 31st like I've calculated, she's given me December 28th. That would technically make me 9+2 weeks pregnant now BUT she is going off me having a 28 day cycle instead of my actual 31 day cycle so I'm sticking with my dates until told otherwise from the scan. My symptoms are fading too which only feeds my worry about baby's wellbeing. My breasts are still tender but not as bad as they used to be. Morning sickness has gone and I only feel nauseous in the afternoon/ evening. Fatigue is still present but again not as badly as before and my skin has cleared up.

Just anxiously awaiting on this scan now to find out if baby is indeed ok. Only time will tell.

Until Next Time,
Alli xoxo


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