Friday, 19 May 2017

Pregnancy Update: 7+5 weeks

So it's been a little longer since my last pregnancy update and that's because I feel absolutely terrible! And that's not because of the pregnancy. No, I'm full of cold and have been told that I cannot take anything for it. Being pregnant means most of my antibodies that would be used in fighting the bug and making me well again, have gone towards keeping baby safe. So I'm actually sicker than Jordan and Vala were when they had the cold. It also took them less time to recover from it. So I'm sicker than they were and I can't take anything for it. Pregnancy is just a never ending cycle of suffering really.

Anyway, cold aside, I am feeling more connected to the pregnancy now. I took another pregnancy test last week and another one today and both immediately turned positive, even before the control line had appeared. Symptoms have been harder to tell because of the combined cold symptoms but fatigue is definitely still lingering as is the mood swings. Face has cleared up quite a bit but nausea is much more prominent and I even suffer from morning sickness some nights. I feel hungry and thirsty all the time but can barely eat or drink anything without feeling like I'll immediately throw it back up.

We've had a friend staying with us for the last week and he's been a real life saver. He's done the housework whilst Jordan has been at work so that I can sleep and get plenty of rest to fight off this cold and Jordan doesn't have to worry about it when he gets home. He's also been taking care of Vala in the mornings so Jordan and I can both get sleep ins. I can't say how much I've appreciated having his help this week. I just feel really bad that he's done so much he didn't need to and I've practically just ignored him by spending most of his visit in bed and sleeping. I'll make it up to him at some point when I feel a lot healthier and stronger.

But yeah, feeling like death but feeling a lot more connected with the pregnancy now which makes both me and Jordan happy. Got my booking appointment with the midwife next week, things are definitely going to feel a lot more real after that. Exciting times ahead!

Until Next Time,
Alli xoxo


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