Monday, 10 April 2017

Weight set back

Ugh, Monday again! That special day off the week that leaves everyone feeling meh. Well I though I had escaped the meh feeling today but I was wrong.

I worked my buttocks off at the gym today! Even struggled with my programme but pushed through and came out looking like a sweaty red lobster. I felt proud that I'd
pushed through the pain and finished my programme. But then I stepped on the scales. The weight was lower than what my previous weigh in was (at the gym) but higher than what I weighed a couple days ago at home. I shrugged the number off though because I'd had a big meal before my workout and consumed half a litre of water during it. What really miffed me off was the fat percentage had risen by 3% whilst my muscle percentage had dropped by 1%. I knew I couldn't have three weeks off the gym without consequences but I'd kept below my 1798 calorie budget and had engaged in other physical activity, like walking, with my family in that time. I knew fat would still increase but didn't think it'd be that much.

So yeah, seems by chest infection caused more problems than just violent coughing and vomiting. Now I have to work even harder to get my percentages back to what they were three weeks ago. Admittedly I feel a little disheartened and demotivated but I'm not going to let it defeat me. I'll hit the gym hard this weekend whilst Vala is with relatives. Determined to get my weight down! Never giving up!

Until Next Time,
Alli xo


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