Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Twitch Streamers to follow.

I make no secret that I'm a gamer at heart. But when I'm not playing games myself or adulting (aka parenting), I like to spend my time relaxing with a stream open and watch other people play games. A lot of people think it's weird to watch other people playing a game instead of playing it yourself but it's no different to watching people play sports that you can easily play yourself. It's also a lot more social than just sitting at home and watching tv all evening because I get to interact, not only with the streamer but also fellow game enthusiasts as well. I even met my partner; Jordan, through a stream. We started off just talking via Twitch chat but then it broadened to Discord then skype, then Facebook and eventually, after a friendship had grown, we started dating. Been together 16 months now! So watching streams can actually change your life haha. Below I've compiled a list of a few streamers to follow. I like to support small streamers so all these channels are quite small. They're all lovely people though and are very friendly and welcoming to new viewers/followers in their communities. So if you're into videos games and you find yourself bored throughout the day/night, have a look to see if any of these streamers are online.

Dante557: AKA Jordan; my partner. His stream is where I spend most of my time.
JonOfAllGames: Jon's stream is actually where I met Jordan. He's an awesome guy! Streams daily.
IanChandler1990: A very good friend of mine. Also met through Jon. Adult only streams.
Zennox: My best friend. Often appears in stream with Jordan, Ian and myself.
Ruben: A crazy Dutchman. A fellow Brew Crew member I met through Jon.
KT: Chick Gamer woo! Very lovely friend of mine and fellow Brew Crew buddy.
Tbone: My American partner in crime. Has the biggest heart. Super friendly guy.
Lavangfan: Fellow Brew Crew buddy. Streams very regularly. Great guy.
Qelric: New mum. Avid WoW player. Absolute sweetheart to everyone.

So there you have it. Just a short list of some great streamers to go follow and support. Some of them use streaming as their main source of income, others stream for fun. Whatever their reasons, they're all fun, entertaining people to watch that'll help cure your boredom. They also have great communities so you can meet new people and make some lifelong friends while you're there. I know I've made quite a few lifelong friends from Twitch. Needless to say Twitch has changed my life for the better. So go, say hello and show your support to some wonderful people.

Until Next Time,
Alli xo


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