Tuesday, 11 April 2017

New Phone!

Hey everybody!

Just a quick post to share the exciting news that my new phone arrived today! Yay! Ok the news isn't THAT exciting but it's shiny and new and therefore exciting for me haha. I've got the 2017 model Samsung Galaxy A3. Took me several hours to get it set up and a migraine inducing phone call to switch my number over only to find I just needed to activate the new sim via a website and the number would automatically transfer over. Wish I had've known that sooner because the migraine lasted most of the day and I got nothing else done all day as a result. I did manage to get out for a walk by myself after dinner though which eased the remaining pain and got my heart rate up.

I'm really sad to say goodbye to my Sony Xperia Z2 though. This phone has served me well and never ever faulted me. I contemplated trading it in and making some money but I feel an unusual attachment to the phone. I feel it's worth a lot more than the £32 I'm being offered for it. Maybe in time my attachment will fade and I'll be able to part with it but for the time being it can stay in my house, connected to the WiFi so I can still use it. It's weird, I've never had an attachment to a phone before and I'm not a phone addict. I'll happily leave me phone at home if it's not needed and never get it out during dinner or family time (except to take photos). I don't know what it is about this phone but it is time to say goodbye and move on. I'll keep the phone around but only as a spare now.

Seriously makes me unusually emotional thinking about it. Geez what is wrong with me? :P

Until Next Time,
Alli xo


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