Thursday, 6 April 2017

Day at the Seaside

Happy Thursday everyone!

What glorious weather we've been having this week. Perfect weather for school Easter holidays! Also perfect for day trips down to the seaside as a family!

That's right, we packed ourselves up in the car and drove all the way to Mablethorpe Beach on the east coast of the Midlands. Whilst I grew up next to the beach, this was only Vala's third time ever visiting one. She first visited one at nine months old. We went again when she was two and a half and now at three and half. It was her second time in the sea and she was a little unsure about it at first. When the cold water rushed over her feet, she staggered backwards to try and get away and instead flopped down onto her bottom, soaking her from bum down. She cried at first but quickly realised she was enjoying the waves crashing over her feet and began laughing and splashing about. She didn't want to get out of the sea but when she started shivering, I thought it was time to go build sandcastles instead.

We've never made sandcastles at the beach together before but I have a feeling she's made a few at infant school because she knew exactly what she was doing. Together with me and Jordan, we made a pretty cool looking castle. Her favourite part though, was definitely smashing it at the end. There was literally nothing left by the time she'd finished hulk smashing her way through it.

What's a trip to the seaside without the traditional British treats? We stopped by a local fish n chips kiosk and grabbed some chips followed by soft ice-cream and donuts. Totally not a healthy lunch but... when at the seaside! Ended the day visiting two of the local games arcades. They're not really my cuppa tea, if im honest. I just see them as ways to promote gambling to youngsters but Jordan said no trip to the seaside was complete without visiting an Arcade. So we went and Vala had fun going on a few kids rides and kicking Jordan's butt at a game of Air Hockey. She had a wonderful time and despite not wanting to leave, practically fell asleep on Jordan's shoulder on the walk back to the car.

We're home now and all quite tuckered out from the long but fun day out. Would love to go back to the beach again soon. Hopefully won't leave it another eleven months before going back again.

Until Next Time,
Alli xo.


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