Saturday, 22 April 2017

Cutting ties.

So since my last blog post, where I opened up about my on-going personal struggles, I've done a lot of thinking. A lot of thinking and a lot of talking with Jordan. A lot of my misery stems from still being in regular communication with my ex husband.

Now unfortunately, I can't just cut him out completely. He's still Vala's dad and she has every right to
see him and to grow up knowing him. As much as I may hate him and not trust him, it's not right for me to stop Vala seeing him and spending time with him. But just because she's going to see him, doesn't mean I have to speak to him, right? Well, for now Jordan has decided to take over correspondence with my ex so that I can get him out of my life and begin making more progress with my self-esteem. I messaged my ex today (hopefully for the last time) with a way to contact Jordan to arrange visits and video calls etc. I've kept my old phone so that when he wants to video call Vala, she can use my old phone in her bedroom so that I don't have to hear that voice that makes me want to break things. here's hoping that without him in my life now, I can finally start to focus on my happiness without constant fear of judgement and criticism from him and his family. I will still keep in touch with his family when appropriate but for now it's time to start cutting ties and to stop dwelling on the pain said ties have caused me in the past. Here's hoping it will help improve how I feel about myself.

Until Next Time,
Alli xo


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