Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Cautiously expecting a second bundle of joy!

Hi everyone! Yes as the title explains, I have recently discovered that I am pregnant! And when I say recently, I mean two days ago. I found out two days ago. It is insanely early to be telling anyone about it but Jordan was so excited when he heard the news, he kinda blurted it out to everyone! I contemplated not blogging about it until we reached 12 weeks and found out that everything was ok after a scan. However, I figured it's a huge journey for me and worth recording in some form. Even if all goes wrong, the knowledge that our baby was loved will live on and never be forgotten.

So anyway, going off my own dates, I think I should be 4+2 weeks with a due date of December 31st (NYE baby woo!). I've got a doctors appointment next Wednesday to refer me to a midwife and then hopefully a midwife appointment in 5-6 weeks. Jordan and I are both so happy and excited about our little poppy seed sized baby and are eagerly looking forward to this journey.

Whilst I am happy, I am also very scared. I'm really overweight. Like 110kg overweight. (Can't believe i'm actually sharing my weight with you all). I've been trying desperately to cut the weight down before getting pregnant and whilst I've been successful in losing 7kg so far, I'm still a lot heavier than I was hoping I'd be by the time I got pregnant. I want to continue to lose weight but now I have to do it a lot more carefully and even more safely. I'm going to head to the gym and get a new, pregnancy friendly programme tailored for me and my calorie counting diet has just gotten a lot more strict. Pregnant women have to consume a minimum of 1700 calories to ensure both them and their babies are getting enough nutrients and energy. Thing is, the maximum calories that I can consume to continue losing 0.5kg a week is 1798 calories. So my calorie intake is gonna get a little harder with me having to meticulously control it every single day.

Last pregnancy, I suffered from tachycardia (rapid heart rate) and spent most of the pregnancy on bed rest. As a result, I put on a lot of weight. I'm worried about that reoccurring and me gaining enormous amounts of weight. No matter what the weather or my mood, I'm making a promise to myself to walk 30 mins a day minimum to help with the weight loss and hopefully help my heart cope better this time around.

I admit, I'm scared that worrying about calorie counting and forcing myself to walk everyday will end up being harmful to the baby but I'm going to do this right and speak to my gp about my options. It's important to both mine and the baby's health to keep losing weight throughout this pregnancy and I'll do whatever I can to give my unborn bundle of joy the best start in life.

Looking forward to posting regular updates and starting this journey again. Please keep me and my unborn child in your thoughts and pray that my little poppy seed is super sticky and sticks around.

Until Next Time,
Alli xo

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  1. Congratulations! I was the same as you when I found out I was pregnant, yes things might go wrong in those first 12 weeks but that didn't make me any less pregnant or not want to document the trials and excitement I had during those initial weeks.