Thursday, 13 April 2017

Acti journey begins!

Easters nearly upon us and I feel like all my
Easter gifts have come all at once today. Not only did we get to take Vala to meet one of her Paw Patrol heroes; Chase but also my Acti-labs Slimbassador kit arrived!

Can't express how excited I am to test out these products and start my Acti journey. My kit contained multiple slim meal replacement shakes, skinny juice, strip tea,
hydraslim, silhouette, activate, lustra diamond toothpaste, a water bottle and a large gorgeous bag. I also got some extra products to go along with the kit. Thermo and Lipo wraps, conjac sponge, diet noodles, lip crayon, eye shadow and brush, face mask and marine collagen body lotion completed my collection. First thing I wanted to do was get everything out and lay it out on my dining table but we were rushing to meet Chase so didn't get chance. Taking Vala to her fathers house has kept us out the rest of the day.

I've got it all planned out though, as of tomorrow im starting my 2 week acti-slim challenge. I'll start off every morning with a of Strip Tea followed by a meal replacement shake and a Acti-vate tablet. At the end of each day I'll write down how I felt throughout the day and after two weeks will publish the results. Not only am I hoping to see an increase in energy levels but I will also be tracking my weight loss and centimetre loss in that period. I will still be attending regular gym sessions but I will also be doing either Thermo or Lipo wraps every three days as well. We'll see how much I change in the two weeks. I'll also use the lustra diamond toothpaste and see how much whiter my teeth get.

So eager to start my challenge and test out the other products like the face mask and the make-up. I'm a massive novice when it comes to make up but experimenting should be fun! Can't wait to share all this with you! Exciting times!

Until Next Time,
Alli xo


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