Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Weight-loss woes

Happy Hump Day everyone! Would be a lot better if I weren't coughing up a lung right about now but nonetheless, I hope the week has been treating you well.

I myself, have been having a little bit of a weight-loss woes kinda week. My ill health has had me bed ridden for two days (Mon/Tue) which as a result meant I missed my first gym day this week. I was supposed to be going today but there MIGHT be someone coming out to do maintenance in the bathroom. I've got to wait in for him to either call or just rock up so good chance i'll be missing the gym today. Friday will be out too because we have an electrician coming to replace the hob and Jordan is at work. He'll be arriving any time between 1pm-6pm and since I only get a 2 hour window to hit the gym (1-3), good chance i'll miss Friday as well.

This news has me very stressed because the dress I ordered for Jordan's friends wedding arrived yesterday and it's just as beautiful as it looked in the photo. I deliberately ordered it a little smaller to give me motivation to lose weight. However it's even smaller than advertised. I needed to lose about 2.5-3 inches on my waist and 1 inch on my hips according to their size chart. When I ordered it, I had 2 months to lose that and I felt sure I could. After putting it on it seems I need to lose about 3-4 inches on my waist and about 3 inches on my hips. Another 0.5-1 inch off my bust wouldn't be a terrible thing either. So now I have more weight to shift off than anticipated and I've got less time to lose it. Everyone is throwing suggestions at me about how to lose a dress size in a week but with my health being as bad as it is at the moment and my exercise regime all but non-existent until I'm strong enough again, I'm just not thinking it's possible.

I've got six weeks to drop two dress sizes. Everyone says I can do it but I have my hesitations. Hoping to take the dress to an alterations place tomorrow and see if they can extend the back piece a little (it's a corset back gown) and also lengthen the material to lace the dress up with. That way, even if I don't drop 2 dress sizes, we'll still be able to the lace it up enough that it isn't showing my back flab to everyone. Gonna hit the gym tomorrow as well. I know tomorrow isn't a gym day but damn it, I need to go.

So keep your fingers crossed for me and i'll keep you informed of how I'm getting on and whether or not I get the dress to fit in time.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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