Monday, 27 March 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Happy (late) Monday everyone! Hope all you UK based mums had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday.
I know I certainly did.

First off I got a HUGE lay in which was greatly needed for my chest infection. Then I was greeted with breakfast in bed and a beautiful present and card from Vala. Lots of cuddles were had and selfies taken before I finally staggered out of bed and got dressed to go for a long walk around a local lake with my family.

The walk took us a good couple hours with regular breaks to sit and enjoy the scenery (and a cheeky ice-cream too). The weather was beautiful and perfect for walking and playing at the playground. Vala was having so much fun that she tired herself out before we even made it around the full circuit of the lake. Jordan ended up having to carry her the rest of the way.

We went to McDonalds for dinner (not exactly the classy Mother's Day meal most mothers would opt for). I considered going somewhere nicer for dinner but Vala is in her fussy eater stage (still) and I knew if we went somewhere else, she'd probably not eat the food and we'd just end up with a bigger bill and a hungry child. So I decided to go somewhere I knew she'd eat. That way she'd be happy and we'd be happy. After all, the most important thing to me is a happy family and McDonalds isn't THAT bad (except for my diet and waistline).

We ended the night up at Jordan's parents visiting his mum. Vala loves visiting Nonna and had a lot of fun playing with her and sneaking chocolates. Jordan and I had a relaxing evening, chatting with his step-dad and before we knew it, it was well passed Vala's bed time and we returned home.

A quick gaming session with Jordan in a game called H1Z1: King of the King ended the night for me. I had such a wonderful day, the best Mother's Day I've ever had. I feel truly blessed to have such an amazing daughter and wonderful partner in my life. Hope you all had lovely days yesterday too.

Until Next Time,
Alli xo
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